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Call Forwarding simply is taking a call dialed to one number and automatically and seamlessly diverting (forwarding) that call to another number. And this can now be done cost effectively anywhere in the world! This “system” allows businesses and individuals to activate new local numbers anywhere in the world and redirect the calls. Call forwarding, as we are describing it is designed to help businesses establish their presence around the world in an effective and very economical way.

Instead of simply using call forwarding for your existing phones, we offer the possibility of getting a local number or an international toll free number in your target markets.

For example, if you or your business located in Australia wants to establish local virtual office (phone numbers) in the US, UK, Germany, and Singapore, you can now purchase local or international toll free numbers that will work in any or all of those countries. Once the numbers are established, all calls made to those numbers using simple customary dialing in those countries will be redirected (forwarded) to your Australian phone number or any other number you designate to receive these calls.


Why Should You Use Call Forwarding Services?

Call Forwarding Services can reward your business

  • With your own unique local or toll-free number, you have the opportunity to expand your company internationally and yet present it as a local firm. People tend to favor doing business at home. International call forwarding can initiate a global marketing strategy for your company.
  • World call forwarding offers easy-to-make adjustments to your phone service. For example: If an emergency arises and you need to have your calls forwarded to another number, it is a simple online process. So the ability to easily manage your call forwarding program is just a few clicks away.
  • When your customers have easy, local and recognizable access to you they will choose your firm over your competitors!

Call Forwarding Services can reward you individually

  • When traveling you can forward your mobile calls internationally to avoid mobile international roaming charges!! Buy a local phone number for the country your mobile phone is registered in, and before leaving your country for an international trip, forward your mobile calls to the new local number (you can set this up through the forwarding option on your mobile phone). This is an awesome way to avoid extreme roaming charges
  • If you are a small business owner with international clients in different countries, you can provide your clients with a local or toll free number in the country they live in so they can simply reach you by dialing that local number. This will not only make your clients feel as if they are dealing with a local company, but it will also develop loyalty for your business as they will get a global service provider with a unique local reach. You can effectively grow your personal brand!

These are just a few of the rewards your business can reap by utilizing global call forwarding.


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