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Outbound VoIP outbound calling
Tier 1 Quality • VOIP & TDM • 24/7 Support • Outbound Call Recording

Outbound VoIP, or outbound calling, is one of our premium features that can be bundled with a virtual phone number plan. Outbound VoIP allows you to make outgoing calls with your caller ID number matching the virtual number you have registered with United World Telecom. Any VoIP phone, computer or tablet can be used, including a softphone like Zoiper or Acrobits.

Calls made with the outbound calling service are entirely indistinguishable from all other phone calls. As a premium service it offers full authenticity while enabling calls to be made free of long distance fees.

We only offers inbound calling with our service plans, and outbound calling must be purchased separately. Additionally, unlike out service plans that include bundled talk minutes, you are purchasing a discounted per minute rate, rather than bundled outbound minutes. Our outbound rates vary by country.

Outbound basic: $25/month, 0% rate discount rate
Outbound value: $100/month, 5% rate discount
Outbound power: $250/month, 8% rate discount
Outbound premium: $500/month, 11% rate discount
Outbound enterprise: $1,000/month, 15% rate discount

As stated above, our rates vary from country to country. For outbound calling to the United States, the non discounted rates range from $0.02 – $0.06 per minute.

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