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I could not be more satisfied with the service you provide. In one word, it is EXCEPTIONAL. Thank you for providing these incredible savings. The service numbers are especially important now that I have a son in Iraq. All he has to do is dial the US access number and he’s “home free”.  Thank you again.

Telecenter  has worked well for us. It’s done everything you said it would do, even more.


I use the service mainly for call forwarding when I am traveling. This way my customers are always able to reach me. I also use international callback when I am overseas.

I’m Katie Hawthorne, Marketing Manager US & UK for Caseable.

We use International Call Forwarding Numbers with UWT, to stay in touch with our international customer base. Although we’re based in Berlin & Brooklyn, we communicate with customers from all over Europe and the US. It makes a real difference having a London-based number for our UK market, for example, as a recognizable number adds credibility and inspires trust. Customers feel far more comfortable calling us for a chat about our products when they aren’t scared about oversees tolls – which is exactly what we want!

Caseable makes handcrafted, fully customized tech accessories for all your important devices. From smartphones to laptops, tablets to ereaders, we’ve got them covered.

Best wishes from Berlin,  Katie

We’ve been a 800 number customer since 2011 and Callture toll-free service  has NEVER disappointed us.  We’re based in Sacramento CA and we couldn’t be happier with the Callture toll-free services.  Convenient, reliable, consistent, superb customer service from day 1 and very affordable.  We’re so glad we found you.

Thanks Callture !!!

The Scott family of Scotty’s All Shine Mobile Detail

I have lived overseas for 10 years and I have been a United World Telecomm ( customer for more than  6 years.  I started with the callback service but can’t live without the global call forwarding.  I have a Colorado phone number that forwards to any place in the world.  When I change SIMs I just forward my number to the new SIM.  The fact that I can change my forwarding number online in just a couple seconds and it takes effect immediately is invaluable to someone who travels as much as I do.

I can only speak highly of your customer service. My wife is Russian and I used the service for about a year (to conduct my mail order business & stay in touch with my family) while I was there (Rostov-on-Don). She’s here in America now and her mother uses it to call my wife and my wife to call her mother in Russia.

I don’t know much about the technology but I assume the quality of your services are at the mercy of whatever (phone lines?) are currently in place. And whatever is currently in place in Russia is spotty. I hope to be able to use it again on my next search for sanity someplace in the Caribbean and hopefully soon!

Your company’s service has been VERY good.  And, considering that I had to set it up in Ghana, that speaks volumes.  In fact, the sound quality that I receive when using your service is sometimes better than that of a major carrier like AT&T (!)  Negatives?  There have been a few times that the computer did not call me back. I know Ghana has a weak system and I’m sure that is why.  But overall, as I said, your service has been very good.    Thank you.

Service is great with zero down time. We are using virtual numbers of other companies also (For France and Uk) But no one can beat you. Kindly starts number for other countries too.

note:  We have since added more than 60 other countries 🙂

Yes I have been a customer of UWT for almost 14 months now, and I’ve been really satisfied with your quality of service. Your support members are quite efficient and reply promptly whenever I face any problems.   Thank you for your concern.

The service is great! I love being able to call from any phone at anytime. The payment arrangement is very easy too.    Thanks.

My experience with UWT has been fantastic and I have recommended it to many of my friends. Not only have you quickly, efficiently and effectively responded to my requests for assistance, you even read my mind, building into your revised website features and capabilities I had wished for.   Thank you for a great service

I am very pleased with the current service. Your prices are more than competitive and your service is most always reliable. During peak-phoning seasons (for example on holidays) I sometimes have trouble getting connected, but otherwise, I absolutely have no complaints. The bills come regularly and are accurate.    Thank you for the outstanding service.

So far I have been happy with your service. I have even recommended it to my parents who are starting a business up as well.

For us Callture has been an exceptional provider. We are a small UK based business which targets the North American market. To be honest our monthly Telcan bill is very small but that is irrelevant. If it were larger then our business would only benefit.

What it does is to enable our North American clients to call us free of charge at a cost to us lower than if I were to call my mother who lives 13 miles away. Crazy? Maybe, but as long as that’s the way it is then we’re hardly likely to complain. And thus far it has worked like a dream.

Just do the math! If the caller doesn’t want the service they probably hang up within a minute. 6 cents? The next caller talks for 3 minutes and places a reservation. 18 cents call cost? But maybe $40 or $100 profit from the call. We can’t get international call prices like that anywhere!

I think the best thing I can say about your service is that I never hear from you. I have used your 800 service for a number of months now and there is never a problem. In past I used 800 services that were always sending me notices about problems that would be fixed soon that sort of thing. With your service it just flat out works. My number is always up, people can always reach me and I think dollar for dollar you have the best 800 service on the market.

Keep up the good work… hope to continue to NOT hear from you 🙂

I am delighted to recommend UWT!  Over several years, every one of the 3 small problems that I had was solved quickly and pleasantly by the UWT office, via email.  I love having a local access number here in Mexico City, which has always worked, with very good line quality to everywhere on the globe that I call.  I travel extensively worldwide, raising funds so children can attend Campamento Diabetes Safari, and when I travel I value your local access numbers, for example, in Paris, Berlin, Perú, New Orleans, and pretty much everywhere in the US.  I have used one other callback company; I dropped them because of your excellent customer service and willingness to provide full information in a timely fashion.  Believe me, it was a no-brainer decision to give UWT a try.  Joseph and Miguel, it is not often that I actually know the names of the guys who manage a company, and for me this creates a durable and positive bond with UWT.  I feel satisfied with your service and customer attention, so I have no motivation to seek another provider.  Many thanks and best wishes for 2012!

México, Distrito Federal

I utilize UWT Services to market US Made leather jackets to customers in the United Kingdom. Being in New Jersey, we found that a significant percentage of our in-store customers were from the EU. By placing a UK Free Phone number on the site, we have increased sales to the UK since the customers are more confident that we are capable of serving their market.

I have a Trinidad & Tobago 800 number, which is very rare in Trinidad & Tobago, and it gives my Trinidad & Tobago customers the ability to call my company, which is located in the U.S., without incurring expensive overseas tolls. Most of my customers are surprised that such a thing exists and appreciate the fact that it does. This gives my company more legitimacy in the eyes of my prospective customers.

You have a fantastic international toll free service: We moved from New York City about five years ago leaving a very uncertain relationship with our eighty clients….mostly in New York City.  They had expressed the opinion that, if we were to move (we didn’t tell them that we were), they would feel that, being in a “foreign” country, they wouldn’t have access to us.

With your service, everyone is just fine…no interruption in “access” to us.  Many, in fact, aren’t aware that we’ve moved to Mexico (one partner has an office in New Jersey).

We couldn’t have pulled this off without your service.  Business is great and growing!

We are into inbound Tour Operation to Kerala & Lakshadweep Islands in India, and we use our UK toll free number in advertising both online and in magazine ads to market our tourism products in UK, and also for our clients in UK to reach us locally. It works great !

I love my local forwarding number in New York City. I travel often in Canada and this service means that all callers simply dial my number in New York City and it finds me wherever I am – including Canada.  And they are not hesitant to call because they worry that calling me on my mobile phone in Canada will cost them roaming or other charges.

UWT allows us to schedule hearings before US judges who would not schedule a telephone conference with an out of town attorney without a toll free number.  Out of town we certainly are, we practice Florida litigation in the state and federal courts from offices in Bristol in the United Kingdom.

I’m a believer! I’m astounded how great your rates are.  The rates really are as low as the web site said they would be.
Thanks for helping cut my costs calling family in Spain.

You offer the best rates, best features and exceptional call quality on top of it all. It’s a pleasure to know there are still companies that offer great service at great prices. thanks to Tel3Advantage for saving us so much money over the years

The last several years I have paid a lot of money for vanity phone numbers, once I heard about Callture, I was amazed at how easy and cheap it really should have been. I now own my own vanity number and run it through Callture, which has the cheapest rates I have ever seen. I would recommend anyone that uses 800 numbers to go through Callture.

I own Muttley’s Maid, Inc. a small business in Denver, that provides pet waste cleaning services for residential and commercial clients. Muttley’s Maid is celebrating it’s tenth year in business and we have used Namada’s recommended Powernet Global’s  services for our vanity telephone number(s) including 877-DOG-CRAP for years as it has been an economical and a cost effective tool for marketing and growing this small business.

We have had your service for years to help us with customer service calls to and wouldn’t trust anyone else with our toll-free service because of the ease of use and great service.  And since we’re a small business, your plans are great to help us succeed without breaking the bank!

Since discovering Power Net Global when I first purchased my 800 number, I have used it on both my business land line and my cell phone for my clientele who are usually over 62 and can have the kind of line that charges a fee for long distance. Having an 800 line makes my business senior friendly and because it is portable with Power Net Global I can attach it to my cell phone as well.  This is especially helpful for receiving calls after hours and on weekends since my cell phone is nearly always with me.

more about our select US toll free number provider

I love using PNG for our 800 number. They allow automatic payments and have not done price increases. They are fair and have never given issues with the connection. There is a no hassle policy within their company. Because of this I will never switch to another provider. In addition, I have recommend them to some of my friends that also run businesses. Way to go PNG!   more about our select US toll free service

Michigan DJ

Modern DJs, Lighting Design, Draping, Photo Booths

Namada’s recommended service, Callture assist my company to provide toll free numbers that match companies website addresses – like 1800 GO DATING with  My name is Steve Moradian founder of 10 TELEDETCOM companies in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

My company TELEDOTCOMs combine two of the most valuable branding properties- a Toll Free Number with a matching domain name. Coupled together, these properties form a TELEDOTCOM which enables instant brand recognition, and a limitless potential for repeat customers.

Namada’s choice, Callture, for 800 service is the best for my small business. It’s easy to use for me and my customers. They offer some exceptional services I may never use, but a larger company would be well served. Please don’t change a thing.    Handpiece Repair 4u  By Desert Dental

altabeanbags_comThank you providing Alta Beanbags with a reliable service, it has enabled our Australian customer to call us Toll free in New Zealand at a very competitive rate. I have no hesitation in recommending your services.

bts_logo_smallOur tee shirt company has benefited hugely from having a toll free number, setting it up was a breeze, I can’t recommend you enough.




We are very happy with the service. We are not a big company and few customers use the toll-free service. Nonetheless, we value it for marketing reasons in that have a toll-free service sets us apart (just a  little bit) from those that don’t…



For the most part, the system has met our expectations. We use it to separate messages by city from our team members. We use the extensions to represent the different cities. The web tool is great. The phone system is easy to maneuver through.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback.

Culver Charles
CustomPoint Inc.

“We’ve been working with iTeleCenter for years and HIGHLY recommend them to all our friends and clients. We use them for all our “free recorded messages” – their systems    are infallible really and customer service is superb and the price is, in my opinion,  way too low compared to the value they provide… iTeleCenter is really like an               easy button for your business phone solutions.”

— Gina DeLong, Marketer, Piranha Marketing, Inc.

 “We are a Google certified company and we drive traffic to web sites for our clients.  All of these sites have forms for prospects to fill out. We added the 800 numbers from iTeleCenter and the results have been amazing. With iTeleCenter we are able to see exactly how many calls came in, the time of day, and the number they called from, and even track the ROI on our PPC campaigns! The iTeleCenter number is one of the most important things we have added to our business.”
“I actually use the iTeleCenter 800 number as my primary number for voicemail. I even have a recorded message on my main telephone line telling callers to call my iTeleCenter number if they want to leave me a message! This saves me tons of time and trouble, since I can pick up all my messages via email and do not have to listen to voicemail over the phone.”


Great rates for our company Gillespie Consulting!  Excellent service & support!  No nonsense!  100% satisfied with our Namada referral carrier – Callture!

What else can I say?


Callture/Telcan toll-free service is a wonderful platform for communications that is affordable and easy to use. Their service and reliability is top-notch. I am SO glad I found them!

ezcom testimonial


I am very pleased with your service it works for me 95% of the time which is far better than my previous provider which it only worked about 5% of the time if at all. Which given my location of Bosnia and that I use your service with my cell phone only it works very well. Thank you for your time.


I am very happy with the service provided by UWT, it has made a positive difference to my business. I added a second phone line recently. Theirilling is accurate and connection reliable. I recommend them wholeheartedly.



Dear Miguel (UWT Tech Support):

Thank you for taking the time to call me today and rectify the problem as listed in your email below. I am very satisfied with your Company’s performance and attentiveness in a world that seems to be spinning out of control. It is nice to know that customers are still seen by your company as “people,” and not just Dollars and Cents!  I thank you and Mr. Joseph Horton for all of your assistance.


I’ve been using UWT for 3 or 4 years from Japan.  It always works, interface is very convenient, calls are clear, and cost is minimal. Thank you.


Hello to you!  I am more than satisfied with UWT. Your service is the best choice for those who has lots of international calls as in my country all other providers are either more expensive or they provide a service with connection problems. So, just keep to work like that. I wish all the best. Thank you for give me such a good choice!
Many greetings from Zagreb.


infiniastoneThe toll-free service Callture has provided for our business has been an invaluable asset to us right from the beginning. From when we first started service, Callture had our custom number 1-800-INFINIA up and running immediately.

Having a toll-free number is essential for any business, but having a custom number is a great way to show your customers that you mean business.

Infinia Stone Products, Inc.


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