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In today’s business environment, telephone communication is vital to the success of a business. Potential clients will typically call a business with inquiries, to sign up for a service, or to place a large order. In addition, existing customers prefer to be able to reach out to a business with their concerns.

With the rise of e-commerce, businesses have started to originate from all over the world. With internet access continuing to grow companies based in the United States and virtually any country on the globe can transact with customers in Russia, UAE, throughout Europe, etc.  However, increased trade across countries boundaries created some communication issues.

In the past, it was expensive and difficult for a customer in one country to call a business in a different foreign country. international calling charges from one country to another were expensive. And the process of dialing an international number can be unknown and confusing.

International calling costs coupled with unfamiliar phone numbers will discourage a prospect or even a customer from reaching out to a business. And a missed opportunity means lost business and less revenue!

To solve this issue, international forwarding phone numbers enable businesses to source customers from over 100 countries. In fact, some businesses that use virtual phone numbers have reported greater than 50% increases in call volume. Here are some valuable benefits that a company can realize with an international phone number.

  1. Become more accessible

World forwarding phone numbers are convenient and free to dial from their corresponding country. In other words, it costs nothing for somebody in the United States to dial a US 1-800 number. When a business advertises a toll-free number, customers know that they can access that business over the phone for free and with relative ease.

A business that is accessible to potential clients will clearly do better than its inaccessible counterpart.

  1. Improve customer service

Customers don’t want to pay money to call any business. If a customer has questions or concerns and they can’t contact a business, they will not be satisfied. They might develop an unfavorable opinion of the business or worse, move to a competitor.

It is important for businesses to provide great customer service.

Project a professional image

Consider any successful multinational corporation – they all use local and toll free forwarding phone numbers. Toll free numbers establish an air of professionalism with clients, while local phone numbers allow customers to perceive the business as a local and familiar operation.

In addition, a one-person operation can really benefit from a virtual phone number. Instead of relying on his or her personal cell phone to take calls, the entrepreneur can advertise a toll-free business phone number. Our upscale international phone numbers also include a suite of advanced features to help grow your business.

  1. Run your business from the cloud

Our international phone numbers are virtual. This means that they aren’t tied down to any phone line. Rather, they can be managed from an online control panel. Businesses can run 24/7 no matter where you are in the world.

Bottom Line

Businesses these days can transact with customers from all over the globe. For a business with customers in foreign countries, it is important to provide a free and convenient point of contact. Virtual phone numbers are free to the callers and easy to dial. A toll-free number or local forwarding number can have a tremendous impact on sales and your company’s bottom line.


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