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`Whether it is that all-important business meeting that you need to attend in another corner of the world or the wedding anniversary trip to Europe that you are planning for the love of your life – globetrotting today is a rule rather than an exception.

But even as your packed itinerary takes you around the world, the need to connect with loved ones back home remains as strong as ever. After all, whenever you are home, half of the time is spent on phone – catching up with parents living far away, planning vacations with siblings, gossiping with friends and invariably, smoothening out crises at the office.

That is precisely why if your cell phone network goes down even for five minutes, you start to feel as anxious as someone stranded alone on a remote island – and with good reason. That is precisely the reason UWT has introduced its Mobile Global SIM that allows international travellers to easily connect with anyone at affordable rates unimaginable any time before.

And to get started on it is the easiest thing ever. All you need is a GSM smartphone that is unlocked.  Just like you might have done several times before, just open the back flap of your phone, insert the new SIM of the particular country you are in and start talking – just like that. Each SIM has a unique mobile number at which you can be reached by anyone you wish to be in touch with for all those days you will be on the road.

Having a GSM phone is vital to this operation, because this service is not tied to the phone. The non-GSM phones work only with one service provider and to switch to another, the phone itself needs to be changed.

That is not the case with GSM phones, which are recommend, especially for frequent travelers who need to be connected on the go at all times. In this case, all you need is one phone and a SIM for whatever country you are flying in to tomorrow.

For instance, if you are travelling to the US, you can purchase a USA SIM card from UWT which will come with free incoming SMS and calls can be instantly made at low rates. In one of the plans that costs $49, you get $40 call credit which includes 210 minutes of call time, in addition to 20 minutes bonus. Similar plans on ascending and descending scale can be found easily HERE

Each Global SIM card can be effortlessly recharged over the phone or by email. You can also use this card to earn airline miles and in case of any assistance, it comes with a free virtual assistant to take you through any issues you may need to get clarified about the Global SIM card.

Already, our customers who have used the service are singing praises of the service for providing smooth connection at affordable rates, rating as the best they have come across. So come and be part of this experience with us by remaining connected even as your journeys take you to the farthest ends of the world.

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