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Would your international callers be more inclined to call you if you were offering a telephone number located in their own country? 

Did you know that you can get local city numbers from major world cities that can be made to “ring” to virtually any phone in the world?

Yes, anyone can get a low-cost high-quality local city phone number from over 90 countries that forwards (rings to) them anywhere in the world.  Now you can give a single phone number to anyone and they can contact you anywhere in the world by calling that major world city or any of about 80 numbers in US cities! You can forward these incoming calls to a home, office, or even cell phone anywhere in the world.

You can give your business an international presence by providing a city telephone number without the need for you to have an office in that country (s) – numbers available from over 90 countries worldwide.


Now expatriates living far from family and friends get a single local number that forwards incoming calls to their homes and cell phones overseas.

These include the military, the Peace Corp and related volunteers, missionaries, and of course business people relocated for extended periods.

Most people who are reluctant to dial international phone numbers are more comfortable dialing a major city number in their home country.

There is also a burgeoning market for international business owners that want toll free numbers in other countries to communicate with their customers and clients AND establish a professional presence in globally.

A forwarding number can be directed to any phone or cell phone number worldwide. There is typically no setup fee and the monthly fee is usually under $5. The per minute rates are dependent upon the country to which your number is forwarded. Calls terminating to a mobile phone are typically much higher cost than regular landlines. This is because the terminating countries charge the carriers a higher cost to terminate a cellular call. For a bona fide global business, a business traveler, or anyone residing outside the US with need for US callers to reach them easily and cost effectively this service is terrific.

Global Call Forwarding boosts your perceived level of professionalism and represents you to be a credible prospect to potential markets. Things as small as assuming if the company wants to pay for the call from the US to wherever you are, they must want to talk to their customers. People like that. When prospects see a US major city number, there is comfort that because they feel a safer connection with you. It has been said that putting your US number in your advertisements, you should increase your ad response significantly. And now your US number can appear in ads worldwide via the web!

Having your own US phone number is an investment, not an expense.
You’ll Gain a Competitive Edge

For further information visit  or contact Joseph Horton, Founder and President of

Joseph Horton started Namada in 1991 and in 1994 we built our first website. The goal of Namada is to provide individuals and companies low cost access to unique services designed to save money in US and global telecommunications. Namada now has nearly 200 agents worldwide and clients in more than 160 different countries. Joseph lives in New Jersey in the United States.

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