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Namada Global Call Forwarding Numbers helps businesses of all sizes and in all sectors manage their toll free and local forwarding calls reliably and cost effectively. Let us help your business grow worldwide! Below are some examples.


Global airlines can offer customer service calls from North America to its call centers anywhere in the world. Having toll-free numbers in the US, Canada, and Mexico makes the airline more accessible to world travelers. Airlines or cruise lines or others in the global travel business, can more effectively process reservations and related customer concerns.

Audio and Web Conferencing Companies

Recently a Germany conferencing company needed toll free numbers in several European countries and the United States and Canada for their international conferees. Of course, they needed the most reliable fiber optic connections for every virtual meeting they administer. now provides that reliability and coverage they need to meet and even exceed customer expectations.

International Travel Agencies

Travel agencies use our international phone numbers to expand their market. From anywhere in the world agents can offer specialty travel packages based on regional interests and trends, such as South African safaris, hunting excursions in Nairobi, biking tours of Peru, or fishing expeditions to Costa Rica.

Marketing/Advertising and Consulting

Increase sales! Track how your advertising money is being spent! Having different phone numbers assigned to each media campaign allows marketing to track results and better manage their ad spending. allows media buyers to measure results using real-time call reports.


Luxury resorts can now cost effectively offer an easily-dialed, locally-recognized toll free number for guests to call from more than 80 countries! Even many great, but remote island resorts in the Pacific, Indian Oceans and other destinations have the ability to offer toll free numbers to customers in Europe, North America, throughout Asia and more.

Web-based Businesses

Web-based businesses are global by nature. And whether they use them to call or not, there is an increased confidence factor when websites offer a toll free or local forwarding number. This is especially true with the number one consumer market in the world – the USA.

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